Wednesday, April 06, 2011

When we bled blue ...

The sun rose as always
but today it was more bright
Inside the dark cave of misery
It was the only light

After all the hurdles..
This was the last mountain..
But skeptics were mourning ..
"Defeat, will be theirs.. as usual.. as often "..

I was away .. far away ..
In a land , indifferent to this battle…
But my heart .. was in the colosseum ..
beating as fast as the rattle..

With a little prayer .. we fought ..
we struggled , we dived..
the enemy was strong and elegant..
the battle was lost .. but the war was still alive...

The moment came … the field was set ..
we cheered our lungs out .. with emotions so strong..
The gladiator entered the arena..
this was to be his swan song ...

He fought .. Oh what a beauty …
he drove , he cut , with great élan..
suddenly was down , he lost ..
today the God showed that he is just a man..

Our hopes faded.. with the stars in the night .
slowly the walls closed in .. brick by brick ..
But one man became the warrior ..
from the ashes rose the Phoenix ..

He had fire, he was determined..
with his eyes alone , he tore apart ..
The fear was now gone …he was roaring ..
and thumping his Lion's heart ..

He showed courage never seen before ..
Hairs stood on our skin ..
The colosseum shook with his blows..
the light was again ignited within..

The war was over ..
we shouted .... we cried..
the victory was ours …
after so many years which , to us,
which was denied..

One man showed the path ..
His men did follow..
With all the emotions around him ..
He just smiled , under a saintly halo..

when things are destined …
nothing can stop you …
On April the 2nd, with a swing of a willow ..
1.2 billion Indians bled blue …


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