Tuesday, December 07, 2010

Ohh !! Thee Fate..

O Thee Fortune, the permament
Permanent like the moon .. changing ..
The changing that is constant
The constant .. waxing and waning ...

Detestable life.. because of time
Now difficult and then easy
Deceiving the innocent and the wise
with poverty and power
It even melts them like ice.

Fate .. the monstrous and empty,
the whirling wheel that is preset
stands malevolent ..offering no help
and always likely to fade to nothing with no regret

Following like a shadow and veiled
You have plagued me too..
Now through the game of life ..
You play,you dance with honesty so untrue ..

Fate .. in health and in virtue,
that is now against me,
I...driven on and weighted down,
Always in the vale of tears
So at this hour my life drowns

Without delay
she plucks the vibrating string
Since Fate strikes down the strong,
I fight to lose my chains.. like the King ..

I know I cannot win ..
Against the time and fate ..
But still I march on in hope...
because for me..
for me.. the Heavens wait ...