Monday, May 14, 2007


An idle sunday afternoon can be best utilized in the form of a siesta...but its difficult for me to actually do so...The reason is a small doubt thats been pestering my mind for long...i am not a feminist neither i hate shobha dey for her comments....but i am amused... hmmm .....rather confused at the present state of the "desi-male"....its been long that the women-empowerment initiative was taken up by the govt and there was a strong response forit to be successful.we see women competing with men and excelling(to say the least) in all the fields...this has made the indian male a confused animal ,not knowing wat to do....shud he control his "hormonally" generated ego....or ...well there is no alternative to it.he has to acceptthat he alone cant be head of the family..nor the sole bread earner.....he has to do the house-hold chores and also work in the office...the role many married men are doing these days...but does this satisfy his wife ....surely it doesnt....if the man is bit sensitive ...he is termed as "sissy" he takes bold decisions as the old "sarpanch" type...he is called an arrogant where does the indian male fit into.......he has currently no role models to follow!!!.this leads to his insecurity, he cant be sure ..wat the perfect male shud be.... thats the problem which is sub-consciously present in his life always...from childhood..he has been taught "not" to be like his father...well .."mom..why in the hell did u marry him then??!!"....girls normally look for their fathers in their husbands ...dont they..then wat abt the girl's mom then....hahahaha...this is the dillema that he is facing currently...oh..and then their is his sister...all the problem that she faces is because his brother is a "boy"...whoa!!!..but can she prove that all the mistakes are caused by him???...well its in tradition i suppose...but still ..most brothers love their sisters until.....they find another problem .."GIRLFRIENDS"....this is another class of beautiful and extremely intelligent species that are created to make men perfect...wat all a guy can do to make his gal happy....the list will be endless....even girls arent sure wat do they want from men..a macho-man sweep them off their feet and vow to protect them...or to a sensitive metro-sexual being.helping them in sewing curtains andsofa covers???....or both?...imagine hrithik roshan washing clothes for suzzane or abhishek doing utensils for ash...whew!!..thatsure is one of "lux kya scene hai!!"..... i think the this has made the previously lazy indian "mard"..into a "two-times-a-day-gym" hunk...and who goes for cookery lessons in the evening..u will find a lot of village guys goin for spoken english classes ...dont you..i bet their gf's would be finding "angrezi" sexy ...evne if they themselves are a bit weak....guys now are also into literature and poetry......and last but not the least..."PINK" back in fashion ..for boys that gals plz dont find it weird is u find ur man in a "pink" suit for the date.."Hats off" to u girls for making men reach their true "potential"...also the lastest news in science is that "bone-marrow"in women can used to produce sperm cells...thats food for thought for the already "sleepless" male....and hey is true then...the song by alanis morisette:-"...i love u the way u r,if u r perfect ...."
wat say??!!


Blogger anandi said...

The changing scenario has induced such an article from a good friend. I wonder how did you get an idea for writing this one. Your analogies are both humorous and thought provoking. Really a good one.
My comment would be - Everybody is equal and free to do whatever he/she wants. There should be no bar on sex. This would unleash their true potential.

1:07 AM  
Blogger daman said...

ur article is though provoking,and i agree that we have no role models to follow,but then we have to create role models among ourselves and i take ur point that GIRLFRIENDS are not sure what they expect from us (have some experience)

7:54 AM  
Blogger Tarang said...

hahahaha...I agree with Alanis M. Even I would love you if you were perfect ;)

9:48 AM  
Blogger TotalBakar said...

Great going Iceberg bhai ...your thoughts are really out of box with a new point of view

8:47 PM  

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