Wednesday, April 06, 2011

When we bled blue ...

The sun rose as always
but today it was more bright
Inside the dark cave of misery
It was the only light

After all the hurdles..
This was the last mountain..
But skeptics were mourning ..
"Defeat, will be theirs.. as usual.. as often "..

I was away .. far away ..
In a land , indifferent to this battle…
But my heart .. was in the colosseum ..
beating as fast as the rattle..

With a little prayer .. we fought ..
we struggled , we dived..
the enemy was strong and elegant..
the battle was lost .. but the war was still alive...

The moment came … the field was set ..
we cheered our lungs out .. with emotions so strong..
The gladiator entered the arena..
this was to be his swan song ...

He fought .. Oh what a beauty …
he drove , he cut , with great élan..
suddenly was down , he lost ..
today the God showed that he is just a man..

Our hopes faded.. with the stars in the night .
slowly the walls closed in .. brick by brick ..
But one man became the warrior ..
from the ashes rose the Phoenix ..

He had fire, he was determined..
with his eyes alone , he tore apart ..
The fear was now gone …he was roaring ..
and thumping his Lion's heart ..

He showed courage never seen before ..
Hairs stood on our skin ..
The colosseum shook with his blows..
the light was again ignited within..

The war was over ..
we shouted .... we cried..
the victory was ours …
after so many years which , to us,
which was denied..

One man showed the path ..
His men did follow..
With all the emotions around him ..
He just smiled , under a saintly halo..

when things are destined …
nothing can stop you …
On April the 2nd, with a swing of a willow ..
1.2 billion Indians bled blue …

Tuesday, December 07, 2010

Ohh !! Thee Fate..

O Thee Fortune, the permament
Permanent like the moon .. changing ..
The changing that is constant
The constant .. waxing and waning ...

Detestable life.. because of time
Now difficult and then easy
Deceiving the innocent and the wise
with poverty and power
It even melts them like ice.

Fate .. the monstrous and empty,
the whirling wheel that is preset
stands malevolent ..offering no help
and always likely to fade to nothing with no regret

Following like a shadow and veiled
You have plagued me too..
Now through the game of life ..
You play,you dance with honesty so untrue ..

Fate .. in health and in virtue,
that is now against me,
I...driven on and weighted down,
Always in the vale of tears
So at this hour my life drowns

Without delay
she plucks the vibrating string
Since Fate strikes down the strong,
I fight to lose my chains.. like the King ..

I know I cannot win ..
Against the time and fate ..
But still I march on in hope...
because for me..
for me.. the Heavens wait ...

Friday, July 09, 2010

The Beauty of Truth

O’ Beauty of Truth, the Eternal Light!
Do I call you necessity and possibility,
The One, creation and the world,
Do I call you the ancient divinity
The pride, the white , the dark
Do I call you free and pure Being,
Or the apparent lord of all,
Do I call you the souls, the egos and the intellect seeing
The imbued manifest, and the imbued hidden,
The actual reality, the substance,
The word, the attribute and dignity,
Do I call you the variety, and the circumstance
The demeanor, and the measure,
Do I call you the throne and the firmament,
And the demurring delights of Paradise,
Do I call you the only possible content
Animal and human,
Do I call you the mosque, the temple, the monastery,
The scriptures, the Quran,
The rosary, the girdle, the solemnity of mary
Godlessness, and faith,
Do I call you the clouds, the flash, the thunder,
Lightning and the downpour,
Water and earth down under
The gust and the inferno,
Do I call you Lakshmi, and Ram and lovely Sita,
Baldev, Shiv, Nand, and Krishna,
Brahma, Vishnu and Ganesh,the Geeta
Mahadev and Bhagvaan,
Do I call you the Granth, and the Ved,
Knowledge and the unknowable,
Do I call you Abraham, Eve and Seth,
Noah and the deluge,
Abraham the friend, and Moses son of Amran,
And Ahmad the glorious, darling of every heart,
Do I call you the witness, the Lord, all the worship of man
The awakener, existence, or the point,
Do I call you admiration or prognosis,
Nymph, fairy, and the young lad,
The eternal bliss
The tip and the nip,
And the redness of betel leaves,
The Tabla and Tanpura,
The drum, the notes and the improvisation that is perceived,
Do I call you beauty and the fragrant flower,
Coyness and that amorous glance,
Do I call you Love and knowledge,
Superstition, belief,conjecture,all that empowers
The beauty of power, and conception,
Aptitude and ecstasy,
Do I call you intoxication and the drunk,
Amazement and the amazed,the fantasy
Submission and the connection,
Compliance and Gnosticism,
Do I call you the Hyacinth, the Lilly, and the Cypress,
And the rebellious Narcissus and his pragmatism
The bereaved Tulip, the Rose garden, and the orchard,
Do I call you the dagger, the rifle, and the lance,
The hail, the bullet, the spear,
The arrows made of white poplar, and the bow, and their hypnotic trance
The arrow-notch, and the arrowhead,
Do I call you colorless, and unparalleled,
Formless in every instant,
Glory and holiness, all compelled
Most glorious and most compassionate,
Repent now ,O Ignorable, forever!
For whatever I may say is less,
Do I call you the pure and the humane,
The Truth without trace or name.

This poem is just an atempt to transalte as sufi song which touched my heart.

Saturday, May 22, 2010

Was it an apple or a mango ??

Last week was a wonderful one. I was too busy at my work … but still my mind wandered away from it. Had so many questions in my mind.. so many possibilities..

it was explosive.

As usual .. I had difficulties in discussing them … but still .. am taking time to write it down.

So here goes the story …..

Brahmagupta .. as everyone knows was a great ancient mathematician. But the most interesting aspect of his work was his criticism of critics. He was so pre-occupied in proving them wrong that .. he sometimes exceeded his field of expertise.

He did so in the field of astronomy. Many may consider this piece of information as obvious but we need to consider the equipments and technology at his time for the mind bending philosophies and concepts that we eat with.

It was through the Brahmasphutasiddhanta that the Arabs learned of Indian astronomy. The famous Abbasid caliph Al- Mansur (712–775) founded Baghdad, which is situated on the banks of the Tigris and made it a center of learning. The caliph invited a scholar of Ujjain by the name of Kankah in 770 A.D. Kankah used the Brahmasphutasiddhanta to explain the Hindu system of arithmetic astronomy.Muhammad Zafari translated Brahmugupta's work into Arabic upon the request of the caliph.

In chapter seven of his Brahmasphutasiddhanta, entitled Lunar Crescent, Brahmagupta rebuts the idea that the Moon is farther from the Earth than the Sun, an idea which is maintained in scriptures. He does this by explaining the illumination of the Moon by the Sun.

7.1. If the moon were above the sun, how would the power of waxing and waning, etc., be produced from calculation of the [longitude of the] moon? the near half [would be] always bright.
7.2. In the same way that the half seen by the sun of a pot standing in sunlight is bright, and the unseen half dark, so is [the illumination] of the moon [if it is] beneath the sun.
7.3. The brightness is increased in the direction of the sun. At the end of a bright [i.e. waxing] half-month, the near half is bright and the far half dark. Hence, the elevation of the horns [of the crescent can be derived] from calculation.

He explains that since the Moon is closer to the Earth than the Sun, the degree of the illuminated part of the Moon depends on the relative positions of the Sun and the Moon, and this can be computed from the size of the angle between the two bodies.

Some of the important contributions made by Brahmagupta in astronomy are: methods for calculating the position of heavenly bodies over time , their rising and setting, , and the calculation of solar and lunar eclipses. Brahmagupta criticized the popular belief that the Earth was flat or hollow. Instead, he observed that the Earth and heaven were spherical and that the Earth is moving. In 1030, the Arab astronomer Abu al Rayhan , in his Ta'rikh al-Hind, later translated into Latin as Indica, commented on Brahmagupta's work and wrote that critics argued:

"If such were the case, stones would and trees would fall from the earth."

According to al-Biruni, Brahmagupta responded to these criticisms with the following argument on gravity:

"On the contrary, if that were the case, the earth would not vie in keeping an even and uniform pace with the minutes of heaven, the "pranas" of the times. [...] All heavy things are attracted towards the center of the earth. [...] The earth on all its sides is the same; all people on earth stand upright, and all heavy things fall down to the earth by a law of nature, for it is the nature of the earth to attract and to keep things, as it is the nature of water to flow, that of fire to burn, and that of wind to set in motion… The earth is the only low thing, and seeds always return to it, in whatever direction you may throw them away, and never rise upwards from the earth."

About the Earth's gravity he said: "Bodies fall towards the earth as it is in the nature of the earth to attract bodies, just as it is in the nature of water to flow."

These words have stirred me. Was it really Newton who first used "gravity" to explain his theories. What if it was a mango .. :) .. that really fell on Brahmagupta's head before an apple fell on Newton.

Sunday, February 21, 2010

See the Ball .. Hit the Ball

Its been more than one year since i tried to update my blog. But i couldn't find anything worthwhile until now.
So wats its this time… well don't get overly excited … Its about a person .. well lets say a GOD ..

Recently Stephen Hawking was interviewed regarding his latest research… He replied … "I am still making a equation that could explain everything!"..
he said that with a smile ( I hope it was a sarcastic comment… :) ) But Steve your equation has been created and also implemented….
Not by a Scientist .. but a sportsman…well you can call him the ultimate yogi( not the indian guru blabbing away about yoga and geeta ) …

He implemented it in front of 50 thousand people approx. and they all understood it .. You could say that the time stood still for 6 hours..

He is Virender Sehwag ( the spelling varies all the time .. but hey wats in a name ) …

The religion is Sehwagism. Please add this as an applied religious philosophy subject at DU and see how many would enroll.

The 28th of March 2008 was a special date, I am sure you may not know why. It was the day this new religion was born, and the one true "bhagwan", Virender Sehwag, delivered it from the Kurukshetra that was Chennai while I - Arjun, was in tears, confused in the "war"- that was life

That day Bhagwan delivered the ultimate source of guidance the MANDIRA - 319. Reasons to live your life the way he bats. See ball, hit ball.

It isn't complicated. There are no books you need to buy. You don't have to spend 10 years studying or praying. There is no need to be donating your hard-earned cash. No one is going to make you feel bad for doing it wrong. You can marry outside the faith. Practise your beliefs any day of the week. And you can eat whatever the hell you want.

It is simple and pure.

Everything you need to know is in one mantra. You just need to see the ball, and hit the ball. There is no need for doubt, panic or confusion.

Imagine every decision in your life is a cricket delivery coming down at you, then become Bhagwan: see ball, hit ball. Maybe it is a tough one, an inswinging yorker - you just dig it out. The next one is a wide one and you slap it over cover. The one after that is wide too, and you miss it. Never mind, there will be more. There is always more. You will miss some and you will hit some, but don't fret about the ones you miss, and don't dine out on the ones you hit. What more do you need to know about life?

He is the lord almighty of hitting. Never be afraid as you never know whats going to happen next. Every ball is a new ball. A mystery ball is treated the same way as a slower ball: he sees it, he hits it.

Whether you are a millionaire, a pauper, a vegan, someone who sells stolen mobile phone chargers, or Tom Cruise, Sehwagism can help you.

It is the alpha and omega of religions; can you really afford to live without it?

So the Bhagwan gave the MANDIRA saar to Arjuna (me) and the people of India at
Chidambaram Stadium after He had delivered them from Boredom in Chennai:

“And Bhagwan said … Hey Parth .. Whenever in doubt , whenever in confusion just close you eyes and see me in you … your ATMAN...
‘I am the opening batsmen, your God…

----- ‘You shall have no other gods before Me, except Sachin and maybe Sunil.’‘You shall not make for yourself a carved image–any likeness of anything that is in heaven above, or that is in the earth beneath, or that is in the water under the earth. Infact don’t carve anything that is not wide outside off stump.’
‘You shall not take the name of the LORD your God in vain, so if you stub your toe, try to not say Oh Sehwag.’- Stanza 1 of chapter 42

----- ‘Remember the 3rd day, the pitch is often at it’s best.’‘Honor your father and your mother, and your sponsors.’‘You shall not murder, exceptions made for opening bowlers, spinners’
‘You shall not commit quick singles.’‘You shall not be worrying about playing and missing.’ Stanza 2 of chapter 42

----- ‘You shall not bear false witness against the BCCi.’‘You shall not covet your neighbor’s house; you shall not covet your neighbor’s wife, nor his male servant, nor his female servant, nor his ox, nor his donkey, but if he bowls a wide half volley hit it like it stole your donkey or ox.’ Stanza 3 of chapter 42

I had been to earth in various avatars…… 11 of these "param purush" were in front of you but I am the real Purushottam..

My Avatars :

11 men with rock hard testicles, and great hand eye co-ordination.

They will carve, they will plunder, and you will applaud.

1 Victor Trumper, he shall go in early, and reek havoc on the bowlers.
2 Dilshan , he shall jump around like a virgin in hell, and reek havoc in the change room.
3 Viv Richards, he shall be cooler than anyone you know, or don’t know.
4 Mark Waugh, he shall make Head and Shoulders ads palatable, whilst flicking one off his pads.
5 Sanath Jayasuriya, he shall be a pirate, and conquer the 7 seas.
6 Dhoni, he shall be your superhero.
7 Adam Gilchrist, he shall release a plague of bees on your ass.
8 Ian Botham, he shall drink the opposition under the table.
9 Kapil Dev, he shall be the man of few words and tears( :) ) .. and the ultimate macho man
10 Shahid Afridi, he shall wreak havoc and destruction, on himself.
11 Wasim Akram, he shall be faster than you can see.

And on the 5th day, they rest.

With this.. Arjuna stood up and got ready to fight the war of life .. He took his brhamastra and aimed at his enemies… the story has just begun

Monday, May 14, 2007


An idle sunday afternoon can be best utilized in the form of a siesta...but its difficult for me to actually do so...The reason is a small doubt thats been pestering my mind for long...i am not a feminist neither i hate shobha dey for her comments....but i am amused... hmmm .....rather confused at the present state of the "desi-male"....its been long that the women-empowerment initiative was taken up by the govt and there was a strong response forit to be successful.we see women competing with men and excelling(to say the least) in all the fields...this has made the indian male a confused animal ,not knowing wat to do....shud he control his "hormonally" generated ego....or ...well there is no alternative to it.he has to acceptthat he alone cant be head of the family..nor the sole bread earner.....he has to do the house-hold chores and also work in the office...the role many married men are doing these days...but does this satisfy his wife ....surely it doesnt....if the man is bit sensitive ...he is termed as "sissy" he takes bold decisions as the old "sarpanch" type...he is called an arrogant where does the indian male fit into.......he has currently no role models to follow!!!.this leads to his insecurity, he cant be sure ..wat the perfect male shud be.... thats the problem which is sub-consciously present in his life always...from childhood..he has been taught "not" to be like his father...well .."mom..why in the hell did u marry him then??!!"....girls normally look for their fathers in their husbands ...dont they..then wat abt the girl's mom then....hahahaha...this is the dillema that he is facing currently...oh..and then their is his sister...all the problem that she faces is because his brother is a "boy"...whoa!!!..but can she prove that all the mistakes are caused by him???...well its in tradition i suppose...but still ..most brothers love their sisters until.....they find another problem .."GIRLFRIENDS"....this is another class of beautiful and extremely intelligent species that are created to make men perfect...wat all a guy can do to make his gal happy....the list will be endless....even girls arent sure wat do they want from men..a macho-man sweep them off their feet and vow to protect them...or to a sensitive metro-sexual being.helping them in sewing curtains andsofa covers???....or both?...imagine hrithik roshan washing clothes for suzzane or abhishek doing utensils for ash...whew!!..thatsure is one of "lux kya scene hai!!"..... i think the this has made the previously lazy indian "mard"..into a "two-times-a-day-gym" hunk...and who goes for cookery lessons in the evening..u will find a lot of village guys goin for spoken english classes ...dont you..i bet their gf's would be finding "angrezi" sexy ...evne if they themselves are a bit weak....guys now are also into literature and poetry......and last but not the least..."PINK" back in fashion ..for boys that gals plz dont find it weird is u find ur man in a "pink" suit for the date.."Hats off" to u girls for making men reach their true "potential"...also the lastest news in science is that "bone-marrow"in women can used to produce sperm cells...thats food for thought for the already "sleepless" male....and hey is true then...the song by alanis morisette:-"...i love u the way u r,if u r perfect ...."
wat say??!!

Saturday, September 09, 2006

The Minstrel's Ode

I am a poet for a few moments
Who plunges into the ocean of veracity
He lives and dies in his youth
But hopes his ode is there for eternity

To decorate the dais of this orb
Before me, many a bard have come
Few faded into the dark oblivion
Few created monuments under the sun

They were also a moiety of their times
Today, at least for this moment, I am a part of you
But soon this moment will be an anecdote in history
Someday forever I will bid adieu

To infuse life into your whimsical vivacity
As a new breed of minstrels, they will be born again
For you to smell the gardens of life
Nurtured by their sweat and pain

But these words will be soon erased
From the people’s mind
Buried in a grave of dust , for ever unseen
Along with this poignancy, its existence
As though till now it has been….

The Mahatma Reincarnated

You feel; disillusioned for
Your country that is falsely elated
Without a path or a leader
The leader you wish was
The Mahatma, reincarnated
But can he stop the chaos
Or the mother’s tears
Whose son is in the battlefield
Living in perennial fear.
Can he stop the war?
Against the invisible enemy
Whose only aim is to instill fear
In this time of eternal darkness
Can he be the torchbearer?
Can he stop the people fighting?
In the name of religion, caste or creed
The deaths of the starving farmers
With his hands, can he feed?
Can he guide the wandering minds
Of the nations fatuous youth
Teach them to be kind, resolute
And the essence of truth
Can he stop us, humans
From becoming insane
To be able to see the new light
In our souls the Mahatma has to be born again.